Workshop Exercises

  • Brainwriting

    Quickly generate ideas building on the contributions of others in your group

  • Reverse it

    Reverse-it is a workshop game which tries to get your participants thinking a little differently.

  • Stakeholder mapping

    Map stakeholders in order to find out who to engage throughout your project.

  • Dot voting

    A quick way of ranking ideas/features for the team to develop in the future.

  • Impact / Effort Matrix

    Evaluate the potential impact and effort of ideas before committing to them

  • The NUF test

    Score ideas against a number of criteria to quickly prioritise a range of ideas

  • Hundred Dollar Test

    A way to select ideas to carry forward to the next stage of development.

  • Affinity Diagrams

    Bring colleagues together to organise large sets of data in a workshop.