Reverse it


Reverse-it is a game that can be played with your workshop participants. It's focus is to get participants to look at a problem form a different perspective.

What you'll need

  • Whiteboard
  • Post-its
  • Pens

Reverse-it is a workshop game that can be played with participants; it works best with those participants who work on the ground as they generally have a better understanding of issues than management.

The goal is to break out of the same ways of thinking of an existing problem, and ideally works with small groups. Depending on time and number of problems, you can either have all groups work on the same problem, or ask groups to work on different ones.

First of all, agree on a well-defined problem each group is trying to solve. Then, try to state, or ask your participants to state the opposite of the problem (the reverse-problem) and brainstorm methods for solving the reverse-problem.

Instead of asking the question “How do we make it easier for a user to open a bank account?”, ask “How do we make it hard for users to open a bank account?”

Finally, have each group share their solutions to the reverse-problem, and ask them to show any visuals (wireframes or flows) that were created as part of the activity.

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