Now in his second career, Andy has over a decade of experience helping businesses, non-profits and start-ups understand their users, and designing with them in mind. Prior to that, he worked for 7 years as a Catastrophe Modeller in London’s financial markets.

Specialising in start-ups, Andy has helped companies such as Plated.com increase conversions by over 100%. He currently works as part of the Tiltify team that has produced 300% year-on-year increases in revenue for three consecutive years. The fundraising platform for streamers has helped charities raise well over $100m since it was founded.

In his full-time position, Andy works at the University of British Columbia as a UX/UI Designer and front-end developer. Andy has also worked with the University of Birmingham, Government departments in the UK, and non-profits such as the the Autism Education Trust.

You can occasionally find him on twitter where he definitely doesn’t write in the third person.


Previous clients include Plated.com, Domino.com, IGN, Genymobile, Spotify, Sue Decker (past-president of Yahoo!).