Dot voting


Write your product ideas/features on a flipchart or whiteboard. Give participants a limited number of stickers and ask them to put stickers next to options that they like.

What you'll need

  • Flipchart/whiteboard
  • Stickers (around 10 per participant)
  • Previously generated ideas or features

Dot voting is a way for your workshop participants to prioritize and converge on an agreed upon solution. It needs at least three 3 people participating and can take just a few minutes depending on the amount of topics you’re voting on. It’s a way of narrowing down what should be worked on next in the same vain as the NUF test and hundred dollar test.

Depending on the number of participants/topics, you can use one flipchart sheet or you might need an entire whiteboard. Write out the ideas onto the medium and depending give participants an equal number of stickers (I’d suggest around 10).

Ask them to place one or more stickers next to each idea they like. A participant may add all ten stickers to one feature if they feel strongly, or spread them out to 10. It’s important that all participants are given the same amount, otherwise bias is introduced.


Table of dot votes added against ideas generated for future development

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