The NUF test


Create a matrix of ideas on the left column, and new, usable and feasible along the top. Then rate them 1- 10 and top up the scores.

What you'll need

  • Whiteboad/flip chart
  • Ideas

NUF stands for: New, Useful, and Feasible. It’s a test which has similar outputs to that of the $100 test and dot voting. It can be used to determine your teams next priorities when you have numerous ideas or research results generated from larger group exercises such as affinity mapping.

The NUF test exercise consists of drawing a 4 column matrix with your ideas on the left in column one. They are then plotted against the 3 columns of ‘New’, ‘Useful’ and ‘Feasible’. Your team then score the ideas from 1-10.

A ‘New’ score of 10 would mean the idea is something that has never been seen before. Zero would mean it’s something already in your product or website. ‘Useful’ denotes how useful the team thinks it is to the user and ‘Feasible’ indicates whether it is possible to develop within whatever constraints you have.

Generally the ideas that have the highest score out of 30 will be the ones that your team has decided will be the priorities over the common days and weeks.

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