Digital Strategy

  • Building a user-centered taxonomy

    Learn how to create a user-centered taxonomy and categorise large amounts of content in your website or app.

  • Usability testing

    Usability testing is an essential part in building a great product. Here's a beginners guide to putting it into action.

  • Double Diamond

    Develop a user-centered product by using diverging and converging exercises and tactics

  • Design Studio workshop

    With a diverse group of participants, quickly generate multiple concepts for features an evaluate them

  • Prioritisation workshop

    Used to create focus amongst your team and to build consensus on which features you should work on next

  • Empathy Workshop

    Use empathy workshops to help your team and stakeholders understand users at a deeper level

  • Discovery Workshop

    Discovery workshops are great for focussing on just the user and business needs, without looking at solutions.

  • Card sorting

    Card sorting is a technique employed to ensure you have a user-centred approach to your Information Architecture

  • Information Architecture

    Information Architecture is the skeleton to your contents muscles. It's the invisible framework which you build your content around.

  • Red routes

    Help prioritise content and functionality, and also aid in discovering important content for multiple distinct user groups.

  • User Journey Mapping

    A user journey maps your users experience across your entire brand or product.

  • User flows

    User flows concentrate on single tasks and can pinpoint problems with your product

  • Stakeholder mapping

    Map stakeholders in order to find out who to engage throughout your project.